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Why are Italian girls so attractive and by what means do they catch the attention of the man they hope to marry?

Beautiful women in Italy are not necessarily born that way – they make and keep themselves that way!

How can this be done?

Most foreigners do not realize how important young Italian girls regard their physical appearance. Before going out in public they very carefully choose the correct clothing and facial treatments. When they exit their homes everything must be perfect.

Beauty Treatments

It is not uncommon for Italian girls to spend one or two hours in front of a mirror putting on different kinds of cosmetics before they present themselves to the public.

Sometimes this quest for perfection can be quite demanding. If an Italian woman wants to go to the beach or pool for a swim she will often first spend the standard amount of time applying her regular cosmetics. Upon arrival at the pool or beach, she must remove all her normal make-up, replace it with a waterproof kind and then she can dip into the water. After bathing, the process must be repeated in reverse.

Italian Fashion

In addition to all this, one must take into account the need for designer dresses and shoes. In Italy, especially in one's hometown, you never get caught wearing the same fancy dress as someone else. You must also constantly be up to spiff on the styles, which may vary from one area of the country to another, and women must buy something new before the change of every season, forgetting all the money they spent the previous year on things they will never wear again.

Seamstresses in Italy are also known to do amazing things. They have the uncanny ability to perform magical tailoring on the dresses they make for their customers. These artisans have the skill of causing physical defects to disappear from the figures of their patrons. They create cuts, folds and seams in fabrics as they perfect their dresses and adapt them to the figures of their customers. Alterations are made to the dress patterns so that the less attractive features vanish from their clients.

And so any Italian woman can be competitive with some of the others who may appear to be better endowed.

Maybe these Italian fashion designers are trying to compete with the equally famed plastic surgeons in Italy, as these two different kinds of clever artists strive to be like Michelangelo.

At the end any young girl who really wants to catch a husband will always have a respectable chance of getting married in Italy.

It just takes time, some money and the desire to compete in the never-ending race for the latest in cosmetics and style.

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